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Raspberry Pi2’s and HATS

With the 2015 science and engineering family day fast approaching and the release of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Erica is to get a performance boost. With the additional processing power and memory on the new Pis, Erica will be

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Erica’s New Interactive Touch Screens

One of the major upgrades to Erica before she went off to the Big Bang Fair was replacing her old side screens with interactive touch screens. Making the side screens interactive meant having to completely rewrite the web pages they

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New LED system installed

As mentioned in the earlier led post Erica has been given a LED upgrade. The boards have been soldered up and installed. The boards where built in two versions the side controllers where equipped with connectors for the single channel leds whilst the ones in the

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Erica Plinth Upgrade

As a part of taking Erica to the big bang her plinth needed improving. The original version had a single captive mains cable to provide Erica with power. Although this was fine when Erica was in the Marlands we have

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Erica’s new LED system

Erica’s original system was based around the TLC5940 LED driver chip which was controlled directly by the mech pi with an ATtiny45 on the pi daughter board to provide the clock signals. For those that came to visit Erica in person you will have noted that the LEDs were

How Erica is connected

Erica is made up of many parts, allowing her to interact with her environment and the people who visit her, as well as being continually connected to the Internet.  If you click on the diagram below you can take an

New sensors for touch and people detection

Final hardware

Networking with Erica: Brain Update

Now that she’s all painted and ready to go, it seems fitting to tell you how Erica will be all linked up and networked. This week, we’ve spoken to David who is part of the team working on Erica’s brain

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Rhino Building Session! Build Update

Here you see the first test of the “brain” RPi – getting a message from the “mech” RPi and acting on it by sending a sound play message to the RPi with the speaker – the result? Erica snorts! In

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