New LED system installed

As mentioned in the earlier led post Erica has been given a LED upgrade. The boards have been soldered up and installed.

left hand side controler
horn controllers
udmx transmitter on the mech pi daughterboard

The boards where built in two versions the side controllers where equipped with connectors for the single channel leds whilst the ones in the horn where given connectors for the RGB leds. The original plan was to use the pi’s on board serial port to control the LEDs, but we where unable to get that to work, instead we built an opensource DMX transmitter we used the designs from udmx, however the code was for the atmega8 microcontroler that we didn’t have any of available  to resolve this we ported the code over to the newer pin compatible atmega168 which we had used on the other boards.

Erica with the new LED boards installed

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