Networking with Erica: Brain Update

Now that she’s all painted and ready to go, it seems fitting to tell you how Erica will be all linked up and networked. This week, we’ve spoken to David who is part of the team working on Erica’s brain – but his role has more of a focus on her connectivity and how she’ll interface with you when she’s in the city centre.

In the video, Dave gives us a sneak peek into the work-in-progress diagram that shows how Erica’s different tech parts interlink with her brain. You may recall us talking to Mike a few weeks ago who gave us an exclusive look into how Erica’s behaviours work and he showed us a sample website interface for sending actions to her brain. In some ways, today is part 2 and the team have figured out how you’ll be able to connect with her through your smart phones or tablets when you come and visit her! This means that a range of features will be fully interactive, allowing you to (in a really simple way!), send commands to Erica’s brain and make her perform a range of actions – more on this in the coming weeks, folks!

Check out our short interview with David below.

Next week is where it gets really exciting. We’ll be bringing you some real footage of Erica being modified for the first time – it’s time to start installing some tech! Wish the team luck as they eat endless amounts of pizza, cut fiberglass and wire her up.

The transformation continues…

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