Month: April 2013

Rhino Building Session! Build Update

Here you see the first test of the “brain” RPi – getting a message from the “mech” RPi and acting on it by sending a sound play message to the RPi with the speaker – the result? Erica snorts! In

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Erica’s Artwork is Finished! Time-Lapse Video Released

Near enough a week of dedicated painting and Erica’s artwork is finally complete. Her paint transformation has been truly remarkable and we are astounded by the talent of Christopher Clancy who’s done an incredible job of painting her. Be sure

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Erica’s Watching You! Eye Mechatronics Update

This week we have been speaking to Jonathon, who is working alongside Tyler on the technology behind Erica’s eyes and they have made some remarkable progress in the last few weeks. Meanwhile Christopher has been working hard and has made

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Erica’s Wising Up … and Half-Painted! Brain Update

This week, we’re bringing you a further update on the progress of Erica’s brain. Before that however, you may be excited to see some of Erica’s artwork progress – Chris is painting her this week and we have got a

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