Erica’s Artwork is Finished! Time-Lapse Video Released

Near enough a week of dedicated painting and Erica’s artwork is finally complete. Her paint transformation has been truly remarkable and we are astounded by the talent of Christopher Clancy who’s done an incredible job of painting her. Be sure to check out his blog.

Here’s a snap of her finished look.

Erica - Painting Progress

Impressive eh? Head over to our Instagram profile to see the full set of photos that show the various stages that she underwent, from pencil-work and casting to different paint layers. We’ve even compiled an 80 second time-lapse video showing her full paint job sped-up. Check it out.

Now that she’s all painted, some of the tech progress can start to be installed. Next Wednesday, we’ll be resuming our weekly tech updates. Stay tuned – its exciting stuff!

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