Erica Wins Vice Chancellor’s Award

Erica was last week the proud recipient of a University of Southampton’s Vice Chancellor’s (VC) award.  At he awards ceremony on morning of Friday 25th July, Erica and her team of received the award from the Vice Chancellor for:

“the phenomenal success of both Erica herself, the team who developed and built her and their impact on the University’s reputation. The team hugely deserves an award for their ongoing tireless effort using Erica for outreach activities.”

As well as receiving the award pictured below, Erica herself won some prize money, allowing her to indulge in some treats and days out over the next year or so.

As well as winning the VC award, back in June Erica was also a runner-up in the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) Engage Competition, “Engaging with Young People” category.  Although it was slightly disappointing not to win our category, Erica funding-wise was probably one of the smallest, if not the smallest, project across all of the categories, so being selected as a finalist was a big achievement in itself.

Vice Chancellor's and NCCPE awards
Vice Chancellor’s and NCCPE awards